Cure the Sick

Happy Easter!

I have been toying around with this article for awhile now. In the face of the pandemic, it seems appropriate to publish it.

One of the primary credos of the original Rosicrucians proclaimed: “none of them [Rosicrucians] should profess any other thing than to cure the sick.” As inheritors of the Rosicrucian tradition, we must take this tenet seriously if we wish to walk in the footsteps of our predecessors.

Healing is one of the cornerstones of the Rosicrucian tradition. Many early Rosicrucians, such as Adam Haslmayr, were Paracelsian doctors. And with alchemy as one of its main components, the Elixir of Life is part of the Rosicrucian mythos. The promise of healing and perfect health has always been there.

Many Rosicrucians, myself included, work in healthcare in order to fulfill this sacred obligation. Many of us are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. I give kudos to all of my peers. Many of us practice traditions of metaphysical healing, such as laying on of hands and the popular system of reiki. Unfortunately, using these healing modalities is dangerous in the face of a contagious virus, as well as inapplicable in lieu of social distancing. Fortunately, an absentee healing list is a great way to go at this time. Despite all the criticism that it receives, AMORC maintains an absentee healing list known as the Council of Solace.

So, what should Rosicrucians do during the COVID-19 pandemic? First, it should go without saying that you should follow all of the recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). And that means obeying social distancing. Keep yourself and others safe. Second, practice humanism and compassion. Be concerned for the welfare of your fellow human beings. Perhaps, it is not necessary to raid the stores for toilet paper, so other people can buy some too. Third, maintain a prayer list for those who are sick. Pray and meditate for their recoveries. Pray and meditate for the world to come out of this situation.




Author: Frater Dana

Dana Wright was born and raised within an esoteric Christian sect. He was introduced to the Rosicrucian tradition when he was seventeen. He studied cultural anthropology, comparative religion, and philosophy in university. He is known for his genuine, down-to-earth personality. He is accompanied on his spiritual journey by his loving wife and daughters.

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