Milk and Wine

The wind possessed a frigid chill despite it being a sunny day. Crammed in an automobile, we set out in the late afternoon along a rural road. We drove for miles in silence through the verdant terrain. In a secluded glade deep in the forest, we celebrated the sacred consummation of Christ and Sophia within the bridal chamber of the natural world. Sophia is the deification of nature — the source of all life — who nourishes gods and humans alike with the milk from her breasts. She is the many-breasted Ephesian Artemis of the Greco-Roman world.


We used an uprooted tree encrusted with moss as an altar. Upon it we placed a sprig of hawthorn and a chalice of wine. Hawthorn is associated with marriage and sexual union. In this case, it is associated with the sacred marriage of Christ and Sophia. It is also associated with the crown of thorns that Christ wore during the crucifixion. In the Cabalistic tradition of the Rose and Thorn, the cross is superimposed over the Tree of Life. Thus, the head of Christ, adorned with the crown of thorns, rests upon Kether. Kether is associated with Uranus, the emasculated god, who is in turn associated with the Wounded King of Arthurian legend.

The layers of symbolism get deep…

The chalice of wine was shared among us as a magical sacrament. It sparks within each of the brethren a desire to undertake the Grail Quest. In the Cabalistic tradition of the Rose and Thorn, Geburah is associated with the spear that pierced the side of Christ, and Chesed is associated with the chalice that caught the blood from the wound. In the Elder Futhark, the spear corresponds to Thurisaz (Thorn) while the chalice corresponds to Pertho (Cup). These polarities — Christ and Sophia — Spear and Chalice — contain layers and layers of mysteries.

– Dana


Author: Frater Dana

Dana Wright was born and raised within an esoteric Christian sect. He was introduced to the Rosicrucian tradition when he was seventeen. He studied cultural anthropology, comparative religion, and philosophy in university. He is known for his genuine, down-to-earth personality. He is accompanied on his spiritual journey by his loving wife and daughters.

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